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Phaedra Stewart

Author Phaedra Stewart is a recently retired Human Resources executive with over 25 years of experience within multiple industries, including health care, higher education, manufacturing, State government, and data processing. As Vice President of Human Resources, Phaedra oversaw HR Operations, Employee and Labor Relations, Occupational Health, and Workforce Development for a healthcare organization in the Maryland area. She left corporate America in August 2020 to re-launch her business, seriously…Positive, LLC. The business has three legs: books, education/consulting, and real estate investment. The business’s mission is to remind persons at various stages in their life of who they are, who they are, and what they are worth.

“How do these things tie together? I’m glad you asked!

When a person understands one’s connection to the Source (I choose to call my Source God), there is also an understanding of one’s divine presence. When you genuinely know who you are and the royalty you originated with, you have a high level of self-love and self-respect. Well, that’s not the end of it. If you came from a divine Source, others came from that Source, too; therefore, we are all connected. If I love and respect myself, then I must love and respect others because of my connection to others. We all matter!

OK, that makes sense regarding the books and education/consulting pieces, but what does that have to do with the real estate part? I’m glad you asked that too!

Where you dwell, and the appearance of your surroundings directly impact how you feel about yourself. When you constantly see blight all around you, and you do not have access to the basics in life, it can cause you to believe that you are less than others. The goal is to rebuild communities, providing quality housing and the necessary amenities for thriving neighborhoods. We all matter; therefore, we deserve quality living conditions.”

Phaedra is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for education and training. She built a successful daycare facility, licensed for 40 children, in Edgewood, Maryland, in 2005, which she sold to its current owner, who is still operating the business. In addition, she conducts educational seminars and motivational talks for persons at various stages in life. Also, Phaedra and her husband invest in real estate in Maryland by purchasing and restoring distressed properties, primarily in the Baltimore area.

Phaedra has an undergraduate degree in Economics from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University and an MBA in Human Resource Management from the Merrick School of Business at the University of Baltimore. Phaedra has an energetic and delightful personality. You can feel the passion behind her activities. Having left Corporate America, she is now in full swing in her entrepreneurial endeavors.

The book, Beyond the Clouds by Author Phaedra Stewart is one of the best personalized children’s adventure books published in 2021, it takes us on a journey with a young man, James, who is experiencing his first airplane ride. During the ride, he learns that although we go through bumps in life, if we remain focused on our Source (whatever that Source may be) and trust processes, then we will get through those bumpy situations…we will reach beyond the clouds! The book is packaged for younger audiences but contains a message that will resonate with any age group. While this is Phaedra’s first, it definitely is not the last. So please stay tuned for additional coming of age fantasy books in the future.