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Phaedra Stewart

Author Phaedra Stewart spent 27 years as an HR Professional in various industries, and while the faces may have changed from industry to industry, the situations did not change. Phaedra believes that when we stay focused on our Source, we can overcome any obstacles, and when we realize our worth because of the Source from which we come, we also recognize the worth of others and our connection to one another.

Beyond the Clouds is Phaedra’s first book, published in 2021. Her goal is to educate people at various stages in life about who they are, whose they are, what they are worth, and what they are capable of. This book is intended to educate some and remind others of the benefits of staying focused on their Source and how that assists in overcoming fears.

By Author Phaedra Stewart

Beyond the Clouds

James is taking a trip, and he will fly in an airplane for the first time. He is super excited about his trip and the chance to fly. James is amazed at the liveliness in the airport: the people, the merchants, the movement. This energizes him, but the airplane ride is his goal. Once the ride begins, he is not prepared for the emotions that he experiences or the lesson that he learns.

The main point is that fear can be paralyzing, and we all encounter clouds and bumps as we go through life. So the key is to stay focused on our connection to our Source (whatever you call that Source). That will allow us to get “Beyond the Clouds.”